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 I made a gif based off of the Mountie animatronic on Disney's Small World. I have always loved the way the various animatronics move on rides, particularly the Mountie. I thought it would be a fun exercise to recreate him in animation (and I was right!).

Mountie face.png
Mountie face 2.png

I added a few more moving elements to my animation, but still wanted to stay true to how the animatronic moves in real life, so I kept the animations simple and realistic for the ride.

Here you can see all the pieces I separated out to add movement to the piece. I always enjoy simultaneously constructing and deconstructing for articulation!

Whenever I am building characters and assets for animation I try and plan for articulation as I go. However there are typically last minute changes I want to make, such as the eyes for this one. It's a small detail, but as I was animating I decided I wanted the pupils to move slightly with the bob of the head, so I had to go back an separate out the pupils. 


In my search for references, I found that in the Hong Kong version of the ride, the Mountie has two totem poles on either side of him, so I wanted to incorporate them in to my design as well. I found some great totem carvings by Salish peoples, and took inspiration from their work. 

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