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Create a 60 second Explainer video about an upcoming media sharing app.

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Create a storyboard based on the existing script, create assets, break down and set up existing mascot for animation, animate the assets and characters.

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The client provided the art for the mascot, so my first step in the art process was to break down the existing character for animation. 

I often think of this like the posable paper dolls I made as a kid. I separate each moving piece, and make sure that they are layered in a way that when the joints rotate, it is as seamless as possible.

This Gif demonstrates how I divided up the art, and how each piece moves.

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The client also provided their color palette, so I got to work tackling the challenge of creating characters that fit in to the color scheme and tone of the video.

I wanted to stick to a simple style that also complemented the existing art on the client's website that could be easily animated.

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Four Characters.PNG

This intro scene was actually a last minute addition that I love. The client wanted to show the family being brought in to Lalo's world using this transition.

Thank you for taking the time to check this page out! I had a good time working on this project and adapting the existing character for animation to tell the story of this app.

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