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Create a series of Explainer videos that are sensitive to the viewers (cancer patents and their families) in the tone, art, and design.


Create simplified, friendly designs that support the message without overwhelming the viewers. Use hands instead of characters in the Co-Pay series videos to give the viewer a sense of control.


Creating videos for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (or LLS) was one of my favorite projects to work on. However, these projects introduced some new and unique challenges. 

Scene_17_specialist and map-01.png

These videos would be seen by both people undergoing cancer treatments, as well as their families. So the challenge was to make videos that offered hope, while still being visually sensitive of topic. 

I worked on a series for LLS to explain their Co-Pay Assistance program, which can help cancer patients pay for health care costs related to their cancer treatments.


One part of the process was to make graphics that were simplified versions of their real life counterparts. To make the designs more friendly, I incorporated round edges where appropriate.

Sc19_Computer with LLS website-01.png
Sc19_Computer with LLS website-02.png

For the Co-Pay "how to" videos, I made the choice to not include any specific characters or figures in the videos. Instead I wanted to give power and control back to the viewer, and represented them through a set of hands that sorted through the necessary paperwork needed to participate in the Co-Pay Assistance Program.

Hands for Tori_LLS-01-01.png
Sc19_Computer with LLS website-03.png
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